Marketing has been my job and passion for ten years, and CONTENT– from ad creatives to a video on Vine – is always a king.

Even though I do content marketing for a living, it’s always just a part of my marketing acumen – the more I know the product and the audience, the better chances I’ll tell the right story in the right way. That’s the situation when CONTENT and CONTEXT work in sync.

It’s very hard to track time while creating content for clients. On October 13, 2004 – ten years ago – I posted my first press-release on PRWeb. To give you some perspective, it was the year when Facebook was founded and a year before Pete Cashmore founded Mashable. In 2010, Scott Berkun, the bestselling author, sent me a signed copy of Making Things Happen after I had found a typo on his website.

Since 2004, as a digital marketeer, I’ve managed to help more than 100 technology startups and small business owners get started in the market, create better products, find their voice and connect with fans – via content marketing, growth hacking, search marketing, AdWords and community management.

Visiting San Francisco

“Don’t try to visualize the great mass audience. There is no such audience—every reader is a different person.” ― William Zinsser, On Writing Well 

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#ITeaTalks на ДОУ: Where Passion Meets Profession

by Alex Grechanowski on August 19, 2014

in PM in da haus

Я пришел в маркетинг технологических компаний в 2004 году. До этого работал на американские организации: IREX (доступ в Интернет) и American Councils (образование в США). Но до этого всего была эпоха тележурналистики – новости, спорт, еженедельная молодежная программа, кинофестивали и документальные фильмы.

Иногда возникает желание уйти из IT, например в шоу-бизнес, снимать кино про стартапы. Посещает идея податься в диджеи на Fullmoon Party на Самуи.

Понятно, что никуда из IT я уже не уйду, а вот вернуться к журналистским корням хочется.

Первая попытка скрестить IT, маркетинг и жанр интервью была успешно реализована в 2013 на этом блоге. Удалось побеседовать с Gabe Buck, Оксаной Жураваль (, Ann Smarty (IMN).

Talks on Marketing Sutra

В результате этих бесед стало понятно, что надо уходить от общих вопросов и перенести все в плоскость философии и психологии профессии айтишника, показать его lifestyle и отношение к окружающему миру. Иными словами, все должно выглядеть так, как будто мы вышли в курилку или на кухню, где неторопливо завязывается разговор о том, что действительно интересно и волнует, а потом подходят еще люди, слушают, задают вопросы.

Так и возник ITeaTalks на ДОУ, профессиональном сообществе разработчиков Украины. Спасибо Максу Ищенко и Вале Донченко за то, что сразу дали идее зеленый свет.

Пока я записал три эпизода.

Иногда бывает так, что вы годами сидите в компании, так и не разу не поговорив с умным человеком. Наши чаепития попытаются решить эту проблему 😉 More cool stuff to come, stay tuned!

UPDATE: Oct 11, 2014 – записаны новые эпизоды:

Pawel Walentynowicz, a friend of mine, is looking for a developer who can help his company called Transenter with building a system.

It’s now for two weeks full-time, but they are going to develop other plugins shortly, so it would be an stable collaboration. Both is possible: relocation to Wroclaw (they pay for travel and give free housing for the whole period) or remotely. Important: they need to make decision this week.

Solution for SDL Studio

Skill Requirements

● C# (advanced)
● knowledge of Windows architecture and programming
● using REST APIs
● SDL Trados Studio SDK experience will be an advantage

Job Description

1. SDL Trados Studio (versions 2009, 2011 and 2014) Plugin for Transenter’s Solution (further referred to as ‘Solution’)
1. automated integration between our Solution API and SDL Trados Studio API
2. user interface for Solution API (TM file processing, rules management, configuration
management, update check), plugin help and license information

2. Installation module for automated installation of Solution
1. Django stack (Python, Django, Apache+mod_wsgi, PostgreSQL plus required modules)
2. Solution application, with automatic configuration and initialization

Operating System requirements: Windows Vista/7/8
Plugin compatibility requirements: SDL Trados Studio version 2009, 2011 and 2014

Download full job description as PDF.

Interested? Contact Pawel: bgr at or +31 20 808 1509.

Here are some photos of the office in Wroclaw:



Workshop: How to Launch a Startup in Silicon Valley

by Alex Grechanowski on July 18, 2014

in Startup Sutra

Established in 1999, Kyiv Mohyla Business School [kmbs] in Ukraine is a school for leaders who are oriented on qualitative changes. kmbs introduces a new 3-day program (Aug 7-9, 2014): How to Launch a Startup in Silicon Valley

The workshop is designed for:

  • Specialists in the field of high technologies who are considering starting their own projects
  • Entrepreneurs who want to expand their startup to international markets and open an office in Silicon Valley
  • Investors who consider investments into new innovative businesses and want to become familiar with international investing best practices

KMBS Startup Workshop

Author and Coach/Mentor

Vlad Pavlov is the founder and CEO of rollApp, Inc, which is his third startup. Vlad is a serial entrepreneur and global high-tech executive who previously served on CxO/Director positions for a wide range of companies from seed-stage startups to Intel and Microsoft, in Poland, Russia, Ukraine and the United States.


His experience includes managing market-leading products ranging from browser plug-ins to compilers and FDA-approved clinical information systems. A frequent speaker at scientific and industrial conferences, he has authored major publications on computer science and software engineering (in 2006 was included into ACM Top-10 list). Vlad is a Senior IEEE member, Chair-Emeritus at CEE-SECR, his biography is published in Marquis’ Who’s Who in the World.

Program Structure and Schedule

The program consists of two integrated modules:

  • A two-day workshop (August 7-8)
  • One-day business game (August 9)

August 7-8, 2014

Workshop: How to create a tech startup, bring it to the global market, find the right investors, get funding for your startup, and open an office in Silicon Valley.

The workshop participants will receive answers to various practical questions such as:

  • How to make the first steps and turn your idea into a startup
  • How to get the first clients/customers
  • How to find and pitch investors
  • How structure an investment deal
  • Etc.

Particular attention will be paid to the practical details of working as a foreign entrepreneur in the state of California.

The startup life-cycle will be considered from three perspectives:

1. Entrepreneurs’ perpective: how to choose and polish a business idea; how to build and motivate an international team; how to test and validate a business model; how to ensure the company growth and attract investors to accelerate this growth; how to plan and prepare your startup for exit, etc.

2. Investors’ perpective: how do venture funds operate – unveiling the inner mechanics; what is the logic of venture investors for making investment decisions; what are the important parts and risk factors of investment deals; how startups and investors are working together once the funding is attracted, etc.

3. Practical (hands-on) perspective: where and how to get incorporated in the United States; how to get the right visa type; how to effectively use Silicon Valley’s business infrastructure; what are the typical organizational and legal mistakes and how to avoid them, etc.

The workshop consists of lectures, practical activities and Skype video-bridges with invited experts.

Since 2011 Vlad Pavlov repeatedly conducted this workshop in the US and Russia. In Ukraine so far it was held only two times (once in Kyiv in a closed format and once in Dnipropetrovsk).

August 9, 2014

Business Game: Launching a High-Tech Startup and Attracting Investment

During this highly intensive one-day simulation, participants will dessign a high-tech startup from scratch and prepare it for pitching to VCs.

During the game, the participants get hands-on experience in a wide range of different activities that are required from succesfull startup founders, in particular:

  • Picking the right idea for your startup
  • Creating a team of founders and Advisory Board
  • Creating market and competitive analysis
  • Defining your product
  • Finding your “Unfair Advantage”
  • Designing a winning business model
  • Creating an “Elevator Pitch”
  • Budgeting and forecasting (Growth/Revenue) for startups
  • Defining your exit strategy
  • Incorporating your startup and getting ready to open your office in Silicon Valley
  • Prearing must-have documents for raising an investment round

Workshop Fees:
4 800 UAH (VAT included)
Reserve your spot today!