Product People Club – Coming Soon

by Alex Grechanowski on June 23, 2014

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Justin Jackson, the host of the Product People podcast, will be launching Product People Club. Sign-up at to get notified about the pre-launch!

Justin Jackson

If, for some strange reason, you’re still not a regular listener of his podscast, here’s is interview with David Heinemeier Hansson (@DHH of Basecamp):

Or watch this episode on YouTube:

“It was unusually chilly that morning in San Francisco when I walked to my office, Philz Coffee. I ordered and claimed my usual seat.” ~ Ryan Hoover

Keep in touch with Ryan:

If you’re anywhere near as cloud-dependent as I’m, all you need is a browser. So in addition to the Google Docs/Drive duo, there’s even more interesting alternative called rollApp:

Cloud-based iPad and Chromebook Office Suite:

App Suite #1: OpenOffice on iPad: create and edit documents right in the browser (currently supported: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari) – no software to install.

App Suite #2: Productivity Apps for Chrome OS: productivity and graphics applications for your desktop or Chromebook.

One handy thing to keep in mind is that all the apps are also integrated with Google Drive, Dropbox and Box. So it’s easy to create and edit your documents and keeps your files – documents, spreadsheets, presentations and graphics – synced across all your devices.

Office apps in the cloud

How to Rock Your Workflow in the Cloud with rollApp

by Alex Grechanowski on August 25, 2013

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The below posting is a cross-post of my recent article on rollApp Blog. You can check out the original version: How to Use Your Apps in the Cloud with rollApp.

How to Use Your Apps in the Cloud with rollApp

As you probably know rollApp allows you to launch virtually any third-party application in the cloud just by using your browser of choice. Now when rollApp has more than 50 apps for everyday tasks – productivity, graphics, games – available anywhere on your computers, phones, and tablets, in this post we’ve organized them into four major categories for your convenience. And we bet you’ll find useful integrations and features that you didn’t know rollApp had.

“This is beautiful. I am a full time student and have been thinking about purchasing a Chromebook but was not too crazy about Google Docs. You guys sealed the deal! Thanks!” ~ Richard Calk, via Get Satisfaction

For example, if you are a Chromebook or iPad user and Google Drive or Dropbox addict, with a little help from rollApp you can setup your preferred workflows and the most popular apps to work in the cloud mode. After you experience our apps, you won’t be able to use a standalone software on your own again.

Without further ado… here’s what and how:

1. Universal File Openers

“I love this extension. I’m using it for mostly opening e-book files and for drawing purposes. So only single extension for many file formats.” ~ Barbara, a Firefox user

In your Chrome or Firefox, they let you open (almost) any file you’ve found while browsing the Internet, with just one click:

rollApp File Opener – Chrome Extension. The extension has reached 11,453 users in August 2013. With rollApp File Opener for Chrome you can open, edit and save files from your Dropbox. It is as easy as going logging in to Dropbox and clicking ‘Open’ in the rollApp toolbar. Your Dropbox account should be connected to rollApp as cloud storage. Learn more:

rollApp File Opener – Firefox Add-On. View and edit doc, ppt, xls, pdf, epub, zip, rar and about 100 other types of files directly in your browser.

2. Productivity Suite for Chrome

In recent months, we’ve seen over twofold increase of the number of users who visit from Chromebooks.

Productivity Suite for Chromebook

OpenOffice Apps for Chromebook / Chrome OS Users – available on Chrome Web Store:

LibreOffice Apps for Chromebook Users – available on Chrome Web Store:

A few more Chrome apps:
All the apps also work with Google Chrome on you PC or Mac.

3. Office Apps for iPad Users

OpenOffice for iPad. Our technology allows rollApp to offer millions of users an easy access to their favorite applications on iPad:

OpenOffice for iPad

OpenOffice is an open source software, therefore, rollApp users won’t face any licensing risks.

LibreOffice for iPad. LibreOffice is the free open source personal productivity suite. LibreOffice 4.1, the most recent version of our software, marks a major milestone for the LibreOffice project.


4. Apps on

With our App Collection, we offer a new way that fundamentally simplifies how you access and work with your apps and files. Choose an app, sign-up and you’ll be able to use Dropbox, Google Drive or other supported cloud storage to open or save files. You can also test drive any application without registering and logging in!

Our next goal? Our priority is to make your work in the cloud easier and simpler. If you haven’t looked at the all-new yet, don’t wait. Do it now!