Event Goals Now Available in Google Analytics

Having an interactive event as a goal in Google Analytics was a dream of many web analysts for years. The GA support forum was flooded with comments and requests for “goal-izing” interactions with Flash objects and dynamic or AJAX sites.

Google has just delivered on stuff they had promised and with the Event Goals capabilities now available in the new Google Analytics we can set up such smart goals, in addition to the 3 options we’ve been working with: URL Destination, Time on Site and Pages/Visit.

Why You May Need It?

I’m sure you have plenty of thoughts on it but here’s my take. For example, you need to configure a goal when a visitor spends over X seconds watching the product tutorial. Or, if you’d like to encourage users to download specific PDF files, and now there’s no need to use Event Tracking for that.  As you understand, it’s especially good for reporting.

Setting Up an Event As a Goal

(from the Google Analytics help section)

Under Goal Details, you need provide the following information:

Condition: Click one of the event components (category, action, label, value) to set a condition. You have to set at least one condition, and you can set up to four.

Goal Value: Choose either event or constant value.

  • Event Value is the value you assigned to the event when you set it up. If you did not set up a value for the event, use 0 or enter your own value for the goal.
  • Constant value is a the value you enter in the field manually.
  • Would be good if you could add events in Goal Funnels