Google Analytics Alternatives or a New Way to Think of Web Analytics

Are you looking for Google Analytics alternatives? But do you know that during the last 2-3 years we have a paradigm shift in the web analytics sphere? Just take a look at the new headlines on the most famous web analytics programs: “Actionable Web Analytics“, “Digital Customer Insights“, “Web Visitors Are Now People, Not Clicks“.

Today, some good folks think that Google is using their precious data in one way or another. Others believe that the “free” era of GA won’t last forever so they need to find a substitute ASAP. A few more marketers are just scared by the fact they found while checking out  Google’s T’s & C’s where it reads that we have a limit of “up to 5 million pageviews per month per account” to keep it ‘free’. Guys, how lucky you’re if you work on such huge projects.

Anyway, Web Analytics is not about tools anymore. We now have a lot more data types, both quantitative and qualitative, so finding the perfect combination of tools, tailored for the unique needs and strategy of your company, is the only way to go. So when you want to get a holistic picture of your website performance, Think Multiplicity.

As for real Google Analytics alternatives, check out Adobe SiteCatalyst (Omniture) and Yahoo Web Analytics.

And a few more tools for your research:

– Unica:
– Coremetrics:
– iPerceptions:
– SiteSpect:
– Optimost:

You can also improve your CPA, CPC and Email marketing campaigns through a combination of analytics and sales performance data using Lead Management Software. Key benefits: a) analyze website and landing page performance; b) tweak website and marketing sources.

Art: Explosive Analytics by Anacre0n