Why I Hate Growth “Hacks”

I like a post on Medium called “Growth hacking is bullshit” by good folks at Intercom: “Growth doesn’t come from silver bullets. Growth comes from winning a thousand tiny battles.” Yep, growth marketing is not about short term quick returns.

In 2014 Rand Fishkin shared his brilliant vision on growth hacking — in late 2016 I couldn’t agree more with him. Beyond some good things, “growth hacking creates a dangerous mentality”, everyone wants to copy AirBnB, Dropbox and Uber hacks. “I hate the idea that marketers as marketers need to exploit a network until it’s burned to the ground and no one else gets it anymore.”

So what are some good sustainable scaleable web marketing tactics? Let’s find out with Rand. He shares a few valuable ideas for growth marketing that hopefully help you make better decisions.

“Real growth originates from the very first line of code, from a great product, and from the work of an entire team.” ~ Intercom.

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