Have You Been Pandalized? Time for an SEO Upgrade.

A great video from the latest SEOmoz’s Whiteboard Friday How Google’s Panda Update Changed SEO Best Practices Forever.

Rand mentioned that it’s almost like the job of SEO has been upgraded from SEO to web strategist. Virtually everything we do on the Internet with our websites can impact SEO today. Couldn’t agree more.

Let’s hear about a few of the specific things that we can be doing.


I particularly like this part:

There are too many people making too much amazing stuff on the Internet for good and unique and grammatically correct and spelled properly and describes the topic adequately to be enough when it comes to content. If you say, “Oh, I have 50,000 pages about 50,000 different motorcycle parts and I am just going to go to Mechanical Turk or I am going to go outsource, and I want a 100 word, two paragraphs about each one of them, just describe what this part is.” You think to yourself, “Hey, I have good unique content.” No, you have content that is going to be penalized by Panda. That is exactly what Panda is designed to do. It is designed to say this is content that someone wrote for SEO purposes just to have good unique content on the page, not content that makes everyone who sees it want to share it and say wow. Right?

  • You can also apply the new approach to selling your products online. Combine the SEO strategy Rand outlines in the video with the power of social commerce and enjoy more sales. Here’s our blog about it: http://blog.pikaba.com/how-to-get-more-customers/