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Joined Start-Up Chile as a Growth Mentor

Start-Up Chile has grown into one of the biggest and most diverse startup communities, with more than 3,000 entrepreneurs. Some of their startups have been acquired by large corporations (12 startups, such as WeHostels, acquired by Student Universe, CruiseWise, acquired by TripAdvisor, Aventones, acquired by Bla Bla Car, among others).

I’m looking forward to helping the awesome teams find traction and scale growth.

Start-Up Chile ( is a program created by the Chilean Government that seeks to attract early-stage, high-potential entrepreneurs to bootstrap their startups using Chile as a platform to go global.  The end goal of this program is to position Chile as the innovation and entrepreneurship hub of Latin America.

Start-Up Chile has a large portfolio, receiving in between 200 – 250 companies a year. This deal flow is represented by 3 distinct programs based on the stage of the startup.

Startups from all around the world can apply for Start-Up Chile between August 17 and September 7. The selected startups will receive 20 million Chilean pesos (USD $30,000), as well as an intense weekly schedule to accelerate their ideas. This includes courses, mentoring and pitch training, among other activities. In addition, foreigners will receive a Working Visa valid for a year to come to Chile.

Start-Up Chile Perks:

Start-Up Chile Perks