Timely is Shutting Down on November 16th – Long Live Demandforce

When we launched Timely almost 2 years ago there were no other tools that would automatically figure out the best time for a Tweet to go out.

For me it’s sad news as Timely (http://timely.is) helped me manage my hectic world of social media with its one of the most beautiful and easiest UI. I want to thank all the creators behind Timely- @ebloch@assaf@jeromegn and @davidjohn – one day you guys helped me reach out half a million people with one tweet.

And here’s Timely stats for the tweet:

A letter from Ethan Bloch, co-Creator of Timely:

Timely is shutting down

So, thank you, Timely, it was an awesome experience!

Timely by Demandforce