Meet the Boss: Tõnu Runnel, CEO of Edicy

Think Globally!

With a little help of his Estonian friends, Tõnu has built a global-oriented lean startup  – Edicy. They reworked their ten year of web design experience and pulled it out into a single, simple, fresh web app “understandable for your grandma”. So grab your coffee and come watch the presentation he made at Start Smart!


Just in case you’re clueless, Edicy is a super simple tool to make a website or blog. Just sign-up and your site will be online in minutes. You can start adding pictures, texts, forms, videos or whatever else to your new site right away.

Tõnu Runnel

Curious to know what will happen next to Edicy? Follow @runnel on Twitter and add him to your cycles on Google+.

Make the call, make progress, and get something out now – while you’ve got the motivation and momentum to do so. ~~ “Rework” by 37signals, one of Tõnu’s favorite books.